I saw a painting I liked, it was at a doctor’s office, and while I was in the waiting room I scribbled down some notes of how it was formatted . I didn’t get around to trying to do a painting like it for a couple of years,and the notes I took didn’t make sense, so I went back to see the painting one more time and it was gone!

I had to  rely on my own intuition and create what I wanted and made it original. So here is the picture of how I made my own creation of this heart theme. It really surprised me that I came up with what I did and it was fun to have the challenge to try my own way.

As I got started on the painting, I used up some paints that were already on my palette, colors that were left-overs from another painting to get something covered onto the canvas for the background colors.

I have seen a sign that said that artists have photographic minds, but sometimes run out of film! This was the case for this painting, and so being out of ‘film’, I plunged into my own development of “Floating Hearts.” For me, painting is a way to escape the mundane duties around the house and off I go, into the creative moment that I crave so much in my own studio.