1296 Prospect Dr.How exciting to meet people who moved in after I moved out (1960) of the big old house upon the hill in Pomona, and to meet the current new owners too. They came to my art exhibit at the coffee lounge in La Mesa and were glad to meet me in person for the first time and had found me through the internet since I have written about this old house before, on my web site.

For this “meet the artist’ event, I brought in the painting of the old house on Prospect Dr. to show what it looked like. I painted it when I was in high school about 1958. I had no intention to sell it, but it was good to look at since one of the former owners had let the place run down and even let the landscape die off. That was so sad when I discovered (this year) it on ‘street view’ on the internet. I was offered a large sum of money for that painting and was kind of in shock because I had never sold a painting for such a high price! It was unbelievable!
It was a joy to share great memories and stories about the house with these new friends who had come in to meet me that day. They were so glad to see the old movies, now on DVD, of how the surrounding land looked in the 1950’s before the housing tract and the freeway took over the view near by.

I am very excited that the current new owners are busy restoring the old place and will have it back in charming condition. It is about 109 years old, and very well built.