moon over pondDuring our vacation time at Pinecrest Camp Twin Peaks, CA. I usually  have time to paint.

We had a great view of the pond by the conference building from where we usually stay. As the evening came on a gorgeous moon was glowing over the pond, just in the right spot for a great painting. I don’t know how to photograph night time scenes but know how to observe and take note of what I see. The next day I took some photos and rushed to the nearest one hour service to get them developed and could use these for drawing my basic composition for this moon painting I was so desperate to do.

So, as the night came on, I got everything ready to paint from the window and all of a sudden I looked out and there was no moon at all, the fog completely enveloped the scene and I couldn’t see anything but fog!!! Oh no! Since I have done many a moon paintings in my past and with keen observation, I used my memory to get the painting done. I was very surprised how well it turned out. It is kind of odd that an artist can look at a daylight photo and turn it into night time!