La Granda VistaMy parents had a home in the Ozarks and lived on 58 acres of land where they raised beef. I went to visit them while I was residing in LA and they asked me to paint the view from their large home. I painted a 4 ft. x 6 ft. mural of their view on a metal sign they had out in front of their residence. I used acrylic paints, sealed with a polymer varnish and found out in a couple of years that the snow was not good for this. The sign/mural faded and deteriorated. So, my dad sanded it all down and bought me some enamel paints and had me paint the mural again.
This was a lot of hard work having never experienced using enamels before! I had to work hard and fast because the paint would dry up fast. When I got done everyone thought it was such a gorgeous painting. Now, many years later, my parents passed on, sold the place and the sign was not suitable for the new owners and is gone. I am so glad I have this photo to share of what the view was like. It was a thrill that after I got most the landscape all done that the cows arrived just in time to paint in and my dad was going across the land on his tractor so I got that captured just in time! Exciting things do happen when I paint and give me stories to share.