seascape for distephanoWhen we planned to move back to CA, I had a current dental bill to pay and so I told my dentist, Dr. Distephano, that I promised to pay it as soon as I could, but would be late with it since we were moving. So he surprised me and said don’t worry about it, just send me a seascape painting as soon as you can. I found a view to do from La Jolla right away on a 36″ canvas. I wondered about shipping it to LA and it just so happened that a friend was driving back to LA in his pick-up truck and offered to take it to my dentist. That was so neat how that worked out. Well, as soon as the dentist got it he called me person-to-person in the middle of the day and thanked me and said the painting was just perfect for hanging over his fireplace and matched the blue chairs by it. He was so proud of it that he wanted to display it in the next art show in his town and I advised him not to because of the risk of losing it or it being damaged somehow. Anyway, I was so glad he liked it.