Janie's gloxiniaA long time ago, someone gave me this beautiful gloxinia plant and I decided to do a painting of it. I set it out on the patio in good lighting and used a painting knife to paint it onto a 16 x 20 inch masonite board. I thought this was a very simple painting to do and I knew I had a good part of that week to do this painting each morning. I discovered  something: live plants can move!!!   Oh dear, each day I noticed it was changing, not dying!  The main flower turned half way around just over night, and then one of the leaves started to turn to another direction. I know plants move, but I expected that simple flower plant to just sit still even though you actually can’t see it move, but, it did!  I think of this painting because my sister in law, Janie bought it and she just passed away.  I will miss her and remember how beautiful that painting looked in her guest bathroom where it gets good lighting. That was a still life that moved, but I wonder, would it be classified as a floral or a still life?