wales hotelA diver friend of my husband’s sent us a picture of the St. Pierre Hotel in Wales England. If our memory is correct, we believe his name was Jack Byers and he thought it was cool that he found a hotel that had our name origin. (Sampier originated from St. Pierre.) I was intrigued with the shadow of the cross on the hotel from a near-by church and so did a painting of it without this friend in the scene while we lived in LA in 1977. Unfortunately this oil painting got stolen out of an exhibit at the El Cajon Court House about 6 years ago.  That means someone really liked my work!  st pierre hotel, englandThere are a couple of other paintings of mine that have been stolen from a motel lobby and someone’s residence.  Too bad, but it just means someone really likes my work!!! and, I’m glad I have at least a photo for a memory of the painting.  Sorry this picture is not a good one, but taken way back when I wasn’t too good at doing photographs of paintings.