sm town privilegeThere wasn’t a lot of competition in Morgan City, LA for artists. I was so privileged to put on art shows at one of the local banks with my name on their sign. At my last show there, I sold 22 paintings in 2 weeks time. Wow! The bank was  nice enough to advertise for me and take care of things. I have not had any privileges like that here in San Diego, but do enjoy being the Artist in Residence at Summers Past Farms. There was plenty of room inside that bank to set up my exhibit.  Here are some photos of some of the out-door shows I got to set up sometimes with other artists.outdoor show 1977 It seemed rather odd to me that Morgan City  had ten banks and ten jewelry stores no major department stores, but at least a Sears catalog store!  There was a lot of money in that town with so much oil business going on. It was a good place to get started as an artist.