Valerie JungckI find it rather odd that I have a friend whom I sometimes walk with who said that her former room-mate was Valerie Jungck. I was in a class with Valerie one day and she was going to throw her fish painting in the trash and I said I wanted it and it now hangs in my husband’s office. I never expected to run into this artist’s friend as one of my neighbors, hence, small world.
The other painting in my home is by Pauline Doblado. Pauline DobladoI have her painting because I cleaned out her friend’s mobile home when her friend D.Brown passed away, and there was no one available to  get rid of D. Brown’s stuff, so I was lucky to get this  floral painting by Pauline who was one of my friend’s in the art association many years ago. I feel very fortunate to have two free paintings who make me think of friend connections.