Madewood neighborI knew how colorful California was, but KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAwhen I moved to the swamp land I thought it was the ugliest part of the whole United States!  What I found out is that I could use other colors than the actual drab, dull environment. Of course, after studying with Henry Hensche, I was trained to see the colors much better. A sunset in the winter swamp became something very beautiful to me as seen is this picture here. And, here in this painting of the neighboring place by Madewood Plantation I used just three colors and was able to come up with new mixes of some other muted colors. How exciting! It was fun to discover what a limited palette could produce, a new adventure for me. To use an assortment of three primaries things get painted differently than they actually are. I used a pink, turquoise, and gold, which is a group of primaries, such as red, yellow and blue. As an artist, life can be more exciting if you know what to do with new colors!  It is kind of neat how the grays and muted colors can come from the pink, turquoise, and gold palette that I selected for this painting.