Copy of Calif. HomeIt took me ten years to get around to it. I took a photo of a residence on Old Hwy. 80 in San Diego county. It was such a nice setting, like the old houses that were around when I was a kid. WhileCopy of Jan 09 (8) I was doing my photoshoot across the street with my telephoto lens, out came the old man to get the newspaper and then the cat and the rooster came out to greet him and the cat and rooster kissed! The photo of that turned out very dark and I was able to get it in paint!

Ten years gone by and I finally got the painting going and then I wanted to deliver it to the home owner but no one lived there any more and I didn’t know their name or where they had gone to.
The house was neglected and abandoned and falling apart and people were taking pieces of it and breaking the windows, etc. I took a picture of it falling apart and then it was fenced off and a no trespassing sign put up. You could see right through the house!June 16 07Hello Kitty
This is another one of those incidents that I can say, looked what happened! I painted it, then it all changed. I never knew that would be the case with this particular place, but it did happen, and now it is a sorry site.  I named this oil painting “Hello Kitty.”  To this date, the place is still there even tho it is just a skeleton of a house, I pass by it every time I go to Summers Past Farm to paint. It is at the junction of Old Hwy 80 and Lake Jennings turn off of I-8.