laurie ann xmas treeWhy decorate when I can just paint a Christmas tree that is already decorated!

I was out at the farm last Saturday, (Summers Past Farm), and it was so cold out side that I decided to paint in the barn. I selected this tree that was decorated by the interior decorator, Laurie Ann and got it in essence and love it! It was fun to be painting while people were busy shopping in the barn that is a gift shop and where my paintings are for sale along with my note cards. I was amazed at how many times I heard people say, “oh, so you’re the artist!” They were glad to finally meet me in person after seeing and knowing my work. One lady was just so thrilled to meet me that she was so sure she really wanted to buy one of my paintings right then and there! It was a fun day and I really like meeting some of my ‘admirers.’  This little painting is only 5 x 7 inches, easy to do from my lap while sitting down, and so comfy to be surrounded by furniture and merchandize from the Laurie Ann collection. I love that stuff!  Antiques, and odd things that just grab my heart, truly a favorite place to shop and browse.