When my daughter Karen was 12 she was in the Childrens’ Hospital of New Orleans having major surgery on her back. Most the time there was no one in the other bed in her room and I was privileged to do some of my art work there. Six weeks in the hospital is a long time and there were many hours to spend doing something or nothing. One of the most important workshops I ever attended was scheduled during this 6 week period (though it was just for 2 days), and a good friend came to stay with Karen so I could go as planned, the mentor was Edgar Whitney, an American classic in watercolor. What an experience, one I’ll never forget.
While at the hospital with a lot of time to think, I decided to write my name as many ways that I could possibly design it and see if I could come up with a good logo to use on my paintings. I knew too much about hand writing analysis and did not want anyone to figure me out while they looked at my signature. In fact, I didn’t like it when one could not read an artist’s signature on a painting, so I chose to use small case letters of my first and last name and thought that made a cute design, “dixie sampier” and as you can see here in this image, my logo name 004the d stem is high and the p stem is long. That’s my choice and I like it! Of course I don’t sign my checks that way or anything else. By the way, the older I have gotten the less I spend time on my signature and it is a certain kind of a scribble now! As you look at my art work, figure me out!  My personality shows up and you don’t have to understand how to analyze hand writing to understand my character.