my cornerIn the early 1970’s we were new in town, (Morgan City. LA), in a new place, and the kids were in school and I was eager to get some painting done. All I had was the corner of my small kitchen with a window of southern light. In this photo, taken by the local newspaper as they were doing an article about me, I am doing an oil painting of a duck that my son had taken a photo of a hen on her eggs. This was a very good photo for a kid to take, and so I used it for this painting. At least I had an easel, the paints, a few brushes and time alone with plenty of energy to do some serious painting. Today this little corner seems so small since my studio of today is my California room, 8 ft. x 40 ft., but when one is eager to paint, you make do with what you have and have at it!

The desire to paint overcomes lack of enough space.