I belonged to the art guild in Morgan City, LA.  In 1977 I entered one of the art shows they promoted and was so surprised I got the first place ribbon. It was a painting of a little old bayou residence with a little old lady standing out front of it. I painted it in oil from my own photo and was so proud to receive the award. Being a California native I was intrigued with the looks of things in the swamp land while we lived there. Excuse the poor photography, this was taken back in the days when I didn’t know how to properly take a photo of a painting, and it is a scanned photograph. I didn’t even know this lady, but knew about her place from her relative which was a friend of mine, but I don’t even remember her name!  Imagine, bayou water behind this little house.  I was brave to go driving out in the swamp areas back in those days.  Will tell you more of my adventures in the next blog.