copy-of-wallpaper5 I have had this little watercolor of the lobster since high school (it is almost 50 yrs. old!), and it even has my maiden name on it! Another sample of what I was attracted to for art style, [but was not aware of it then] the ink line on loose watercolor. It was copied from the wall paper my parents had in their mountain cabin. I was pleased with the way it turned out and it made me look like a pro, but since then I have learned that anybody can copy, but it takes an expert to copy from real life, from the three dimensional view. (a subject I will later dwell upon in my writings.)

And, here is another watercolor with the ocean life stuff also shows the style of watercolor with ink line.  I do not remember where I copied it from, but remember doing it in high school, and that’s another thing I will share with you about my art classes in high school, in another blog soon.ocean-stuff5