old lady's elbowWhen ever I find an odd looking tree I have to get a photograph of it. It is an odd thing to collect, but ever since my art teacher taught me to look for a symbolic characteristic or an attitude of a tree that is what I am aware of.   For instance, a coy school girl, or a soldier, or something like that always helped to make a drawing of the attitude the tree presented.  It made it easier if you could make some related association.
In El Cajon, on the on ramp at Mollison Ave. going onto I-8 East,  I found this funny looking eucalyptus tree that had such a heavy looking ‘arm’ to it and I pulled over to get a photo of it.  It reminded me of some old lady’s fat under her arm. All the other limbs were way up high.

Well, as my stories go, ‘now you see it, now you don’t,’ this is one in that collection.  I found that  this tree was down and it no longer exists!