a-moon-pntgOne of the lessons we had at the art school in LA, (circa 1975) was so easy and quick, using a gessoed board and spreading a dark color onto it with lots of turpentine and the wiping out the moon with a soft cloth and making up a landscape to go with it. Being from California I could easily whip out desert or beach scenes from memory, but it was a little bit of a task  for me to make up a swamp scene since I wasn’t that familiar with all the stuff in the area. I copy-of-moon-paintingloved doing these types of paintings and sold all of them, and one of them was bought at a yard sale after its original owner died and with having a website it is so neat that the new owner could contact me and inquire all about the painting they dearly loved and got it for a bargain!  Here is a pic (not a good quality one, but all I have available), of one of the scenes I did in class, and the tall one is of the one found at a yard sale just in the past couple of  years.