1978 - Copystar necklaceIn 1978 I had a necklace that was an open star form with a very bright, shining little diamond on the edge as shown in this picture of me. How disappointed I was when I realized I had lost this necklace while on a trip with my husband.
Surely I could see about having another one made for me. I tried to describe to a jeweler how I would like to have this star remade but I wasn’t satisfied with their interpretation and I decided I could live without it.

One day I was at a yard sale and lo and behold there was a necklace very
similar to the star I had lost! Wow! Of course I bought it real cheap, it needed some
repair, but I never got it done.

Here is a photo of the one I found that sorta looks like the one I lost but isn’t very good quality. This story has nothing to do with my art, but it is kind of interesting!