garbage-can-1One more sample of my style is shown in this painting that was a result of going to a new art class when I lived in Morgan City, LA. The teacher was so busy with his other students and never got around to me, so I spent my time doing what I saw in the room, the trash can and art supplies! Of course, I never went back to this class because I was very upset that I was neglected as a student. Apparently I had my watercolors with me and a pen and paper. Whoever heard of painting a garbage can? Well, there it was and I didn’t know what else to do. Exactly where I learned to do this kind of painting with watercolor and then ink outline, I simply do not know, but I like the way it works and I enjoy it very much. My next blog will be about other things that have happened in my art career, so this may be the last time I am sharing this theme on ink outline.