Back in May of 1991, I had a job of delivering art supplies to various classes and workshops. One of the most impressive workshops I got to be at was that of David Leffel. The model for portrait work didn’t show up, so they asked me to pose. That was a new experience for me. Having to sit still for all the oil painter artists was a bit boring, but I was willing to do it as a volunteer.

Some of my friends were at this workshop and I enjoyed being with them, and even made some new friends. I remember watching Grace Schlesier and Connie Parfet.
I have some pics here of me as the model, without my glasses on. And the artist that is shown doing my portrait is Gary Hartenhoff. Grace and Gary are now professional artists and can be found on the internet. Connie is a realtor.

The instructor David Leffel is a very famous artist and conducts workshops all over the country, I felt very privileged to be at his class and still have my notes from that day and his autograph. As of now I remember Mehl Lawson being in that class, I love his sculptures.

It is fun to think back on some of my experiences as an artist and the opportunities that I had being with famous artists.