in-colorOne teacher that I forgot about was Alice Gibson who gave me one of the toughest lessons I ever had before I found the teacher I stayed with for 5 years, Dotty Billiu. For this particular lesson I was given a picture out of a book to copy, it was a black and white photo image of a violin, and for my palette I could only have yellow, ultramarine blue and white for my colors to mix shades of greens, yellows and blues. I almost gave up and quit, but persevered with a lot of fusing!   violin_bwThen when I finished this painting of the violin I was to use black and white film to photo it and see if my values of dark and light matched the original image in the book. The boat painting was my teacher’s which I was determined I could do this too. It was a very hard way to paint, but I succeeded after trying to give up 3 times.  Sorry for the grass showing, this pic was taken when I didn’t know how to take a pic of paintings, and after many years, the colors have faded, but at least I have this memory of my early art.bayouboat_bw1