figure-drawingI had two years of high school art class.  It was fun to use all the supplies provided for art classes in those years.  The most popular art was non-objective art or abstract art.  One of my teachers realized how serious I was and very passionate about my watercoloring and so he gave me a spare set of watercolors in a nice metal case, cake colors, not in tubes and it was made by Grumbacher.  I felt so lucky to have it, and the cake colors (in discs) could be replaced as needed.  I have a picture of one of my masterpieces back then of the Desert Palms, copied from a magazine picture.  Actually, there really wasn’n much instruction on drawing or developing your art, but at least I had one experience of having a live model to draw from which I think is pretty good for not having much instruction given to me.  In a future blog I’ll share my story on finding someone who taught me how to draw three-dimensionally and that really got me soaring with my art work.twenty-nine-palms-painting  In this photo of the painting of the palms is my maternal grandmother holding my daughter Karen, and to the left  is my mom, and me on the right.  Grandma passed away just a few months after this photo was taken in the 1960’s, glad to have a 4 generation event.