I’m so glad I don’t need perms anymore. When I was a little girl my mom would perm my hair with Toni Permanent Wave. Perms were so stinky. My hair in this pic is over curled and looked frizzy. I hated it, but in month it would start to look softer, then in 6 months I was back to straight hair.
My dad had coal black natural curly hair. He was so handsome but none of us 4 kids got his color of  hair. My only brother and one of my sisters got curly, dark brown hair.

Now that I am older, and for about 10 years now, my hair dresser has noticed that I have a natural wave in my hair and no longer gives me a perm. The curliest area is the back of my head and that’s nice because I can sleep on my curls and not flatten them by the time I get up in the morning.

I remember the days when I would actually sleep in curlers! That was not very comfortable, but that was when no one owned a curling iron! Now, with a good hair cut, a good hair dresser,and the right kind of hair products I have natural looking hair. Oh happy day!  I’m so thankful for the best hair dresser, now of 30 years, Lorrie Shackelford. She keeps my hair looking fabulous! Here’s her pic.