Verdon's potting shedCopy of verdons potting shedA friend of mine invited me to come paint her gray potting shed in her gorgeous back yard. She loved the wisteria that was in bloom near the shed and so I got that painted in to her liking.

In a few years she decided to paint the shed a different color, this time, lavender. I got to see it that way when she invited me to do an art show at her home.  She wasn’t sure she did the right thing!

Well, as an artist I would have painted it a yellow tone and then all the lavender colors surrounding the shed would really pop out and look great.  I learned in art school that if you use gray around a lot of different colors, then the other colors would ‘sing.’

I had no idea she would ever paint the shed a different color, and so it goes… ‘look what I painted, now it changed.’  It happens!  You just never know what might happen and life always has its surprises.