Plein-air Paintersunglasses, noI didn’t know any better, but soon learned not to paint with my sunglasses on!  They made everything so pretty and rosey looking, I just loved it. When I would get home after being out painting on location I wondered why my colors looked so blaw. Well, I soon figured out what the reason was. I painted out doors a lot, and so it became evident that I wasn’t seeing color correctly. In this particular painting on the easel,  I’m using only black paint so it really didn’t make any difference what the color of the view I was looking at. This black and white painting has a story of its own to tell the next time I post a blog.

I loved those prescription sunglasses!  I don’t have them anymore because my sight has changed since then, which was around 1993.  Now a days I put on a large size pair of sunglasses that fit over my regular glasses and that suits me just fine.  And, I don’t use them while I paint.  I have learned to use a sun-visor while I paint on location.  And, the word for that means, en plein-air. Some one caught a pic of me wearing the visor with my hat! I don’t like the look but it sure does help me get a good painting to look at!  I have an easier time focusing with the visor on.  If your eyes are like mine, they are strongly compelled to the strongest light, which is using the sunlight above me, then it is best to wear the sun-visor to keep my eyes looking ahead and not being compelled to the light above me. The sun-visor fits down lower than my hat does, so that works very well for my eyes.  I am so thankful to God for my eyes.  And for my ability to paint, and to see like an artist!