California LandscapeWhen our family moved back to California (1982), and we got settled, my daughter and I would spend a lot of time at the local library. While she looked around for things to check out, I came across some books about California which looked so good to me since I had been living in the swamps of Louisiana for so long. In one of the books was a scene that intrigued me and I was so inspired to make a painting of it. I didn’t bother the check the book out, but later went back to the library to see if I could find it, and it wasn’t there and I failed to get the title of it.
So, for years, this particular scene gelled in my mind, left on the back of my mind and nothing I could do but dream about it.

Lo and behold, one day I was browsing through some magazines and there it was, that very scene!  Eureka!  I don’t recall the name of the magazine,  or any information where that scene was of,  just that, there it was, my chosen scene to paint.
I loved the colors, and I just knew in my heart that somewhere, sometime in my life I might have seen that very scene myself where ever it was, some kind of old California landscape.