I like to tell short stories about what happens to me as an artist. About 5 years ago there was a new store near my home that sold jewelry at a discount and also some second-hand things. This little store had just relocated to a new place and had vacant walls. I was glad to see that she had moved to her new place and I went to check it out. Since she had vacant walls,  I offered my paintings for her to sell on consignment. We worked for almost an hour to get everything arranged just right throughout the little store pad. After I got home, she called and said she changed her mind because my prices didn’t seem to be discount prices like her merchandise, so I went back and took everything down and said good-bye! My prices are very reasonable. She loved my cards at least and bought a few. Eventually she found stuff to hang on the walls that was cheap. By the way, her business closed down within a year, but I’m still in business!