butterfly-paperThis is the wallpaper I picked out for my bedroom when I was a teen-ager while I was living in that big house upon the hill in Pomona, CA. Later in life I realize that a lot of stuff that I have been fond of has been this particular style, that is, things outlined in black! A lot of the fabrics that I chose to use when I would make my own clothes as a young lady were also of this style, but I had no clue about what it was that I liked about it. When I became a matured artist and developed my own style, I was continually using the black outline in my work and have come to realize that this is what my style is all about… flooding in the color and then finishing and defining in black outline.
I intend to share more about this factor in future blogs.
Not everything I paint is in this matter, but when I had to formulate my artist statement and define what it is that I do and what defines my style, I then realize that this is what was going on with my choice of expression. Realizing the black outline was not always a conscious intent, but now that I know what I like is all that matters at this stage of my life.