horse ranch 001There is a horse ranch along Hwy 94 and you can see San Miguel Mountain in the San Diego area. I was always intrigued by this view and finally got a photo of it. Years later I decided to do an oil painting of the ranch and mountain, but by then the highway was being renovated and they built up this big wall with ply wood panels and you couldn’t see the ranch anymore. Then later, painting with raw siennathe panels were taken down and the theater and stores where built along that area which is now Rancho San Diego.

The painting I did of this view is hanging at my solo show at the R.S.D. library this month, and it was a painting that was selected to be in a book of San Diego artists. It is a very special painting and it’s too bad you can’t  see this scene any more with all the buildings in the way whenever you drive along the 94. I had no idea this was going to happen! Another one for my book: Look What Happened!
The palette for this particular painting was of just earth tones which gives the painting the look that it has. I seldom use this kind of palette but I thought it was suitable for this scene which is now blocked.