How nice of Jerry Wilson (an art collector) to show up at my show at The Coffee Grounds! He is observing the magazine that my collages were featured in, The Apprentice. My show at this coffee place was to be taken down on March 30th, and the owner decided to keep it awhile longer. I guess he likes my coffee theme collages on his wall. I’m delighted to have it hanging there and am wondering how long it will stay, but, that’s better than having to take it down too soon. When I had my “meet the artist” event at this coffee shop, it was kind of odd that all my friends were buzzing about my beach painting that took a blue ribbon at the show at Spanish Village in the month of March, and so Jerry decided he wanted to buy it, and hadn’t even seen it yet! He wants it for the new collection of art that he has of people on the beach. At this time, that painting is at the Foothills Art Association competition in La Mesa, expecting an award for the members’ only show this month. It will be a surprise to find out in a few days if it won an award or not.