THAT FLORALCopy (2) of THAT FLORALOne of my favorite methods that I learned in art school was this particular way of putting down lots of  oil paint from a limited palette, using jabbing like strokes, let it dry and then find something in that paint that looks like something, and paint it out. Kind of like seeing something in the clouds,  finding an object and using your imagination.  Well, this is how this particular floral came about as seen here in this photo which is not a very good copy, but at least you get the idea from it. These flowers were made up and not actually seen in reality. I had this floral painting in an exhibit that I was privileged to do at a banquet held at Buck Knives and Mr. Chuck Buck bought it. Some years later, his home caught on fire, a lot of damage, but the fire didn’t reach this painting. I was glad it didn’t get burned because I could never ever paint another one like it since it was made up, a one of a kind and certainly an original. In the other photo you can see where it used to hang in my house a long with a winter swamp scene, and also a watercolor of some building in Balboa Park.  I am so glad I at least had this photo to share, and this is one floral I wish I hadn’t sold!  The other painting on the wall is of a flower cart and that will be another story to tell some other time.