memory skyOne night I was at my kitchen sink, doing the dishes, watching the evening sky and taking note on how the sky was so beautiful.  The next morning I was at my painting table putting down that sky in watercolors, then when it was dry, I made up a typical swamp scene upon it.  Oh so lovely!  Some one wanted to buy it, and I decided I didn’t want to.  Two other people wanted to buy it, so I thought I could just make another painting like that one and found out, after trying three times, there was no way I could repeat the memory of that beautiful sky!  That was something I experience and something that I learned, that watercolor skies do not come out the same when you try to repeat one.  So, to this day,a white sun I still have that particular painting.  It took me awhile after living in the bayou/swamp land to be able to make up landscapes and I am glad I still have some of them around.  Having been brought up in California I was very familiar with how to make up a typical scene of the beach, the desert, or whatever represented the land I lived in.  Of course, when I first moved to the south, there was no way I could make up something that looked like what was around me, but after living there awhile I certainly could.  Here are some of the scenes I made up, which are absolutely sunsetswamp memory  essence of swamp land