Back in the 80’s while I was attending art school, I had this particular class lesson where I had a 16 x 20 inch masonite board that was precoated with gesso, dried, then I covered it with a mixture of blue and brown oil paint which looked like a dark navy blue, and a lot of turpentine was used in the mixture, and I set it up on the easel and let it run and drip and lo and behold there appeared the image of Christ knocking at the door!! I was so surprised, and asked the person sitting next to me if they saw what I saw, and yes, they saw the same thing! I was not skilled enough to capture the image in the paint and just let the paint run and drip downward, and I don’t remember what I ended up painting into that mixture, but I remember that I was satisfied enough to say that I have Him in my heart and that was good enough.
Happy Resurrection! Celebrate Easter this Sunday.