Studio One worksIt is fun to look at the clouds and see if you can see anything that represents an image, like maybe an animal, a face, or whatever. Some of my early art lessons were of this kind of game, to find an image on the canvas that had an underpainting on it and capture it.  Here is an example of an underpainting was usually the first layer of paint that was kind of scrubbed in while not thinking of anything or any object, and was meant to be painted onto. I wasn’t very good at capturing such things, but one thing for sure, I could recognize an image. Here is a cartoon published in 1981 that showed how Dennis the Menance was trying to play this game!cloud cartoon

Well, one day as I was looking out of my studio window there was a single cloud over the mountain. The cloud was shaped like a plate and kind of hatted the very top of the mountain. cloud over san miguel mt.Someone said that a cloud over a mountain represented God’s on the mountain, in biblical references in the Old Testament.

It was kind of strange because there were no other clouds in site. I had never seen anything like this. Of course I didn’t capture it in paint, but got it on my camera.  The name of this mountain is San Miguel Mountain in San Diego area.