One of the spaces at Summers Past Farm where I would set up my gear and do a painting is now gone. I’m glad that there are many other spaces to choose from because SPF is a big place to visit and enjoy.

Sometimes I can’t make up my mind just where I want to set up. It depends on what I found that entices me to put in a painting, and it also depends on the lighting, the subject, the temperature and whether or not I’ll be in the way. Most of all, I have to think about if I wait until a later day to do that particular scene, will it still be the same or not, because many times, if I don’t paint it when I see it, it may not be so the next day or the next week!

One day I found a lovely swag of sunflowers, formed naturally, and I thought I would come back the next day to paint it, well, it just so happened a big wind came over night and knocked it over!

So at this time, I am writing that one of my favorite spaces is no longer available because the owner of the big barn where I sell my paintings decided to build on an addition which created some wonderful store space. I love what he did  (at this west side entry door, clearing away all t hat overgrowth), and I don’t think I’ll miss this space to paint in at all. There are always changes taking place at SPF, changes for the better and more charm to lure me into things to paint.

In one of these pics you can’t hardly tell it is a doorway because of so much over-growth. Then next to that used to be the shelving space for pots, etc. with a big  window with panes, well that is all gone with this new addition extending the floor out with new large, vertical windows as you can see a lot of the things in the store, (barn). What a clever idea and lovely attraction to the area by the plant nursery at this farm. I love Summers Past Farm and always find something new to paint there.