Mr. LIn May of this year I fell and broke my little finger. After many sessions of therapy and exercises and splints, that little finger just wants to look bent. At least I haven’t lost any basic function from it being this way, but if I want to look English at a tea party, it won’t straighten out and look elegant like the other ladies, the way they hold their tea cup.
my little fingerI wonder if I have lost any of my talent in painting at the easel. In this pic of Mr. Landry, one of my favorite mentors of watercolor, you can see him holding that little finger just so and we students who observed him just love to comment about that little finger standing out like it did and we wondered if it helped him get the painting just right! Well, probably not, it was just the way he did, and now I can’t do that as I paint, but I don’t believe I have lost any ability to paint any better!! I’m just glad it wasn’t my right hand that got injured, that is, it is okay for the left hand to be a little deformed as shown in this pic of my hand.