For the 7th year in a row I was asked to do a painting of this little girl in this picture. Summers Past Farm has the most fantastic Fairy Festival every Spring. I didn’t want to go this year, but got a call to do a painting of Kelly’s little girl who is just 3 yrs. old and  looks like she could be the “fairest of them all”!

Sometimes it took about 50 shots to get a good pose of her because she doesn’t know how to be still ! The best pose happens to have a shadow across it, but I don’t have to paint that, and her feet got cut off, but I have enough pics to know how to add to her cute green flip flops.It is nice to have a digital camera. I had to work quickly to keep getting her different poses.

She was dressed so beautifully with a peacock theme. Her mom is so talented in putting together a great outfit to show off this little girl. I have two other commissions awaiting, but I want to get this one done right away.

One thing about this festival is that everyone is smiling and having a good time just parading around as a fairy or just looking at them. I enjoyed being there and it is quite a site to see all the ‘wee gardens’ that have been created for the contest.