mr-mcintyreWhen my kids were little I was an Avon lady.  I didn’t even have a car to deliver the products in, so I would put my kids in a wagon  and we would go door to door delivering in our neighborhood. One of my customers always had something in art to show me of what she was learning in her class and I was so intrigued on how well she was doing with her progress that I just had to find out where she was learning how to draw. It was at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa where I registered to take the class with Mr. McIntyre, formerly of Disney Studios, who formed the first audio-video drawing courses for elementary schools.  He could whip out the Disney characters like magic on the chalk board for us, so fascinating!  His principles of free hand drawing really do work once you understand them and I have had the experience to teach  how this is done. So simple, anyone who has a desire to draw can catch on. It was from this course that my real art career was about to soar. Soon after I took this course we moved to Louisiana where my art really took off to greater things.